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Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday treats for my doormen

I finally assembled the box of cookies for my doormen.  As I mentioned in the post earlier today, I had really wanted to make a whole bunch of other treats that I just didn't get around to making.  Since I have most of the ingredients here, I think my doormen may be getting a box of New Years treats, as well.  My hope is that this it not the complete box of treats, and I'm hoping I have some time before work to toss the fruit jellies in some sugar and add them to the box.  But, as of now, here is the final box:

There are giant sugar cookies, double chocolate chunk cookies, chocolate chip-double stuffed Oreo-brownie bars, apricot and raspberry jam thumbprint cookies, Oreo truffles (aka Oreo "cake" balls - some with peppermint topping), and lemony-lime cookies!
Happy Holidays, whichever you celebrate, and Happy New Year!!

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