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Sunday, December 18, 2011

New book to add to the bookshelf

This morning I went out to run a few errands.  Pick up a very belated gift for a coworker.  Buy a giant cup of coffee.  Then I randomly wandered into Williams-Sonoma.  Now, mind you, there is never a time when I "randomly wander" into Williams-Sonoma, it's more as if a magnetic force pulls me in.  But thats besides the point.  After that, I wandered into Sur la Table (this was, in fact, wandering in, as I initially walked by to see when they were opening, only to discover that they had already opened.  It was a sign.  I had to go in).

I left with the things I had initially set out to purchase - the gift for my coworker and a ridiculously large coffee - but also came home with a new baking book, from Williams-Sonoma.  My hands were too full to really look through the cookbooks at Sur la Table, but there is one I'd like to go back and look at in the near future.

Expect some recipes from this new baking book, once I've had time to sift through them all (and once I've finished my paper).

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