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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oreo "Cake" Balls

A long time ago I came across this website called Bakerella - I may have been told about it by a friend, I don't even remember.  She makes these things called cake balls and cake pops (she even has a cookbook out now).  My friends LOVE these things!  My friend (the one who just told me that her favorite dessert is tiramisu, I had thought it was red velvet cake) loves red velvet cake, so pretty immediately after I found Bakerella, I made red velvet cake balls.  And then chocolate ones.  I initially hesitated putting them on this blog (because they're made from - gasp! - boxed cake mix and store-bought icing) but I rationalized that they do involve some baking, so they're legit.  I've only ever made red velvet cake-cream cheese icing and double dark chocolate cake balls (and taught my friend how to make them, in a vanilla cake-chocolate icing variety), but they're always a hit, so I figure why mess with a good thing?  This time, though, I decided I'd mix it up a little....instead of decorating chocolate cake balls with sprinkles (as I sometimes do), I was going to adorn them with crushed candy canes, all in the holiday spirit...

But I remembered having seen a recipe for Oreo balls when I looked at Bakerella's site that first time (see, the recipe for cake balls is so easy that I memorized it the first time I made them and hadn't ventured back to the site since), so I figured I'd try those out with the crushed peppermint candies on top instead.  Why not, right?  (disclaimer: this recipe involves NO baking whatsoever, but I decided to put it on the blog anyway).  I'll make some cake balls soon and show you what they look like.

In the mean time, feel free to drool over these Oreo "Cake" Balls!  My next attempt will be with holiday peppermint Oreos (or Trader Joe's brand "oreos" in peppermint)...

This recipe is great because it calls for two ingredients (plus the chocolate to dip them into) and involves no baking, so you can literally make them on a whim [the cake balls take a lot longer to make].  I need to figure out the best way to use the white chocolate coating, since some of the Oreo mixture gets mixed in with the white chocolate and makes it not purely white.  I think the best thing to do is a double dip - basically leave off the topping after the first dipping, and then melt more white chocolate later and redip them, and put the topping/decorations on after the second dipping.  I'll have to try that next time. 

Oreo mixture scooped into balls, all the oreo balls waiting to be dipped into the chocolate, white chocolate coated oreo balls with crushed oreo and peppermint candy toppings, white and dark chocolate coated oreo balls with crushed oreo and peppermint candy toppings cooling before being put into the fridge and packaged up, and served

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