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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Chocolate "lovebugs"

I made so many Valentine's treats this year that I actually didn't get around to posting these in time for Valentine's Day!

Honestly, I had thought I was done.  I made chocolate covered pretzels, brownies, chocolate-covered heart-shaped raspberry marshmallows, and chocolate heart-shaped cookies.  I thought I went so overboard, in fact, that I didn't even bring them all to B.  So I definitely didn't think I needed anything else.  But then while scrolling through some websites or blogs (I honestly don't remember which), I came across some "lovebugs."  I thought they were cute.  But I didn't do much with the idea.  Until I remembered that I had a lady bug chocolate mold!

So I thought it was fate, or at least something like fate, that I had the lady bug mold AND pink chocolate at home (I was going to make some pink love bugs for Valentine's Day)....but then I saw that I had red chocolate in the fridge, and I just knew I had to make them!  It really was fate!

So after all the roses and chocolate for Valentine's Day have faded, I had these sweet little chocolate lovebugs to give to my Valentine!

* I used dark chocolate for the spots, eyes, and lines.  If I had powdered food coloring, I would've dyed the dark chocolate black, but I didn't, and I still think they turned out fine! *

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