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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Smitten Kitchen cookbook

I've talked about Smitten Kitchen before.  It's one of my all time most favorite food blogs ever.  I've made a ton of her recipes, and have even put some of them up on the blog.  There was the grapefruit yogurt cake, some divine sweet and spicy candied nuts, hazelnut thumbprint cookies, braided stuffed lemon bread, and the most perfect yellow cake (which is significantly high praise from this chocolate lover), just to name a few.

Just over a year ago, the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook came out (October 30th was it's first birthday!).  I knew about it before it came out, and then while it was out, but hadn't bought it...until about 2 months ago.  Honestly, I don't know why I waited so long, but I did. 

I just have to say that although this cook book has both savory and sweet recipes, I am looking at it strictly from the baking perspective (for this review....doesn't mean I won't reevaluate it later on for it's savory components).

There are buttered popcorn cookies, salted brown butter crispy treats (which I'm sure my friend N has made....and she RAVES about them and how decadent they are), gooey cinnamon squares, brownie roll out cookies (which I've made before and they're FANTASTIC), lemon bars, a s'more layer cake, and a deepest dish apple pie that I literally just drooled over!  She also has a grapefruit olive oil pound cake which is similar to the grapefruit yogurt cake I made from her blog.  And apple cider caramels, which I had been eyeing since she posted them on the blog over 13 months ago.  And oh-my-word, I just saw a recipe for coffee toffee.  Now I'm drooling all over again!

Looks like I have to get back in the kitchen soon!!

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