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Friday, June 1, 2012

Graduation cupcake toppers

My sister graduates law school today.  With honors!  Magna cum laude, to be exact.  She's one smart cookie.  And I'm one proud big sister.  (She'd probably shoot me if she knew I was writing this blog post).

Since her graduation is occuring a few blocks from my apartment, I offered to have my whole family over for dessert after we go out for lunch.  They declined!  Can you believe it?  As a result, I didn't bake the cupcakes that I wanted to make these cupcake toppers for, but they were so cute that I decided that I had to make them anyway, even without the cupcakes underneath!

Please note, these were not my original ideas, as I had seen several of these "graduation caps" and "diplomas" online.  However, some of the ingredients I used I came up with on my own.

I made the graduation caps with Reese's mini peanut butter cups and Ghirardelli chocolate squares, and attached them with some melted CandiQuik..  Then, I used a fruit roll that I sliced thinly for the tassles.  These diplomas are roll cookies (I used Pepperidge Farm Pirouttes) that I cut into thirds and then wrapped with the same thinly sliced fruit rolls as a "bow."

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