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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Triple Oreo-yellow cake cupcakes

My sister gets back from her nearly 8-month trip TODAY.  I can't wait!!  I am so excited to see her (the last time I saw her was in Thailand in January/February).

My sister's one request was that we go out for Asian food tonight in Chinatown.  So as soon as she lands, goes through customs, and gets picked up by my parents, they will head over to my sister's favorite restaurant for soup dumplings, where my other sister, B, and I will meet them for a welcome home dinner.  And, being the baker that I am, I couldn't show up to a welcome home celebration without a baked good.

 Just over a year ago, I made mini "Death by Oreo" cupcakes.  There are Oreos 3 ways, with some chocolate cupcake to hold them together.  My sister - who loves Oreos - doesn't love chocolate and at the time had requested that I make her the same cupcake with yellow cake instead of chocolate.  Well today, her request has been answered.

"Welcome Home" Triple Oreo-Yellow Cake Cupcakes

Cupcake recipe here
Icing and assembly here (substituting the above cupcake recipe for the "chocolate cake recipe" listed in the link)


1. I halved the cupcake batter recipe.  I got 24 cupcakes.
2. I iced 19 of the cupcakes and had extra icing.  I'm pretty sure I would be able to ice 24 cupcakes with one single batch of icing.

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  1. I also gave some of these to a friend for her post-volleyball team party....and both she and one of her teammates told me that they were amazing cupcakes. And then my sister called to tell me, too. So, basically, these or their chocolate cupcake batter counterparts are DEFINITELY worth making!