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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thomas the tank engine chocolate covered Oreo pops

My parents have new neighbors.  They have a son, who will be 3 soon, and his 3rd birthday party is this coming weekend.  He and his parents stopped by when I was home over the weekend and dropped of an invitation for my parents to attend his third birthday party.  His third Thomas-the-tank-engine themed birthday party.  When they came over to drop off the invitation, my mom (the ever gracious hostess, and yes, that's where I get it from, along with my grandmother) invited the little boy and his parents in to chat.  He ran around the house and played.  My mom chatted with his parents.  Somehow, it came up that the little boy likes chocolate.

My mom, unsure of what to get a soon-to-be-three year old boy for his birthday (and knowing full well that a box of Godiva chocolate would not go over well by his parents, or be considered a worthy gift by him), enlisted the help of her daughter who works with children (that would be me), and I gave her a few suggestions.  Then the "baker" in me came up with a great idea.  Thomas the tank engine chocolate covered Oreo pops.  I had just been at the baking store the week before and I came across these adorable sugar Thomas-related decorations, so I went back and bought them.

These came out cute, and luckily the trains fit onto the Oreos perfectly!  The "icing on top," so to speak, was the blue 3 that I piped onto another Oreo pop.  I tried to match the blues as perfectly as I could, and I'm pretty sure the birthday boy won't mind that they're not a perfect match...

For the complete directions on how to make adorable Oreo pops, check out my original Oreo pop post.

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