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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oreo "pops"

I came back from vacation relaxed, rejuvenated, and even a little tan. The first two disappeared pretty soon after I landed at the airport...I've had a busy week! I had a bunch of school work to catch up on, I had family visiting from out of town, my friend opened a bar (check it out here), and work was crazy, as usual.

I did, however, get some baking in. Well, not really baking as much as crafting in the kitchen. First up were Dora, Diego, & Boots lollipops for my friend's daughters 2nd birthday party. They were just solid milk, white, and dark chocolate, not really detailed like the Elmos I made last year. Instead of the cake pops, which I had done a practice run for a few weeks ago, I opted to make decorated "Oreo pops" - basically chocolate covered (double stuffed!!) Oreos on a stick. I made those in milk, dark, and white chocolate. I decorated them with Dora and flower icing decorations, number 2s, and some sprinkles. All were wrapped in individual bags and tied up with a bright pink ribbon. I mean honestly, what 2 year old girl doesn't like pink, right?

My friend purchased the Dora lollipop molds, so I can't tell you where they came from, however a quick online search led me to all of these.

I got the idea for the Oreo pops from pinterest, and then through some digging eventually got to this blog. I found that removing some of the Oreo cream with a toothpick and then putting the stick into the filling void worked better than pushing the stick directly into the filling, as I broke a cookie that way (and so I had to eat it...). Just don't make the cavities too big, otherwise the sticks can slip out. I liked - and used - the suggestion to put some chocolate on the removed cookie so that it adhered and stayed attached when I dipped them into the chocolate. After they were dipped and I got as much of the extra chocolate off as I could, I rested them flat side down on a wax paper-lined baking sheet. When the chocolate was still wet, I affixed the Dora and flower decorations to some and sprinkled some others with sprinkles. I let about a handful of them dry in the fridge, and then piped on 2s with a contrasting colored chocolate.

I have to admit, these chocolate covered Oreo pops are absolutely adorable.  I am already thinking of tons of different decorations I can put on them - different sprinkles and nonpareils, fondant decorations, other sugar decorations, maybe even chocolates....

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