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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Funfetti cake balls

Confession: I made funfetti cake balls/pops last week and I was less than impressed.  Rather, I was decidedly unimpressed.  See, I bought this new cake pop baking tray and I tried baking the cake balls in it.  I thought that it would be great, especially for funfetti cake, since it would bake up like the regular cake and you'd be able to see the sprinkles.  I followed the directions in the box - add pudding mix, change the number of eggs, use milk instead of water, change the amounts of liquids - and I just wasn't impressed.  Less impressed when 17 of the first 18 cake balls/pops I baked broke in half when I separated the pans (disclaimer: I was a bit impatient and the cake pops weren't completely cooled when I separated the pans).  Then I had to clean them, re-spray them, and bake another batch.  Tedious.  Frustrating.  And then I still had to mix it with the icing, since I had 34 cake ball halves, and couldn't do much with them.

I decided to try to correct this brilliant idea that I had.  Since funfetti is just all the rage right now, I wanted to make a funfetti cake ball and I wanted to make it right.  So I started with my original cake ball recipe using funfetti cake mix.  Then I used funfetti icing, too (funfetti icing is vanilla icing that comes with it's own little package of rainbow sprinkles to mix in).  And I threw in a small handful of sprinkles, too, just for good measure.  I made a few big balls (four, to be exact) to attempt to completely recreate these adorable ice cream cone cake pops (I gave all the original ones away and never kept one for myself.....rookie mistake!).  Then I used my trusty little scooper and scooped 56 little cake balls.  Then I got frustrated and wrapped up the remaining mixture for later use (I find that it generally freezes well, especially if pre-shaped/rolled into balls prior to freezing).

I wanted to have them coated in white, but vanilla funfetti cake with vanilla icing AND vanilla coating seemed a little much.  So I went with regular chocolate CandiQuik coating, and I think I'll make some more coated in white chocolate.  I adorned them all with a few rainbow sprinkles to match the inside of the cake balls.

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