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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bridal shower Oreo pops

My friend is getting married at the end of April, and this weekend is her bridal shower.  I offered to bake treats (this is the norm for me), but was informed by the matron of honor that one of the bridesmaids had insisted on ordering cupcakes from her favorite bakery.  Not a problem, I thought, I can sit this one out.  With the chocolate covered Oreo pops and 2 different kinds of chocolate lollipops of last week, plus the homemade Oreos I've been scheming to bake - and the school work - I wouldn't mind the break.  But I happen to know that the bride loves my homemade treats, so I asked my friend (the bride's sister and matron of honor) once again if she wanted me to make anything, and she asked for favors for the shower.  Sticking with my Oreo theme, I planned to make the chocolate covered Oreo pops with hearts and engagement rings - perfect little favors for a bridal shower!  But of course, "(wo)man plans and G-d laughs," and when I went to pop the dark and white chocolate engagment rings out of the mold, they all cracked.  Without the time - and the patience - to remake them, I stuck with the original big hearts and drizzled the other half with white chocolate and added mini hearts.  Bridal showers are all about the wedding the bride love, right, so hearts are an acceptable decoration (here I go rationalizing again....)

I promise I'll be done with Oreos soon....I just have so many at home and I want to use them up.


For the how-to on making chocolate covered Oreo pops, check this out.

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