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Monday, May 12, 2014

Chocolate covered Oreos

Almost every time I go into the baking store, I end up leaving with (at least) one thing I didn't anticipate buying when I walked in.  The last time was no exception (I left with two "surprise" purchases).

B and I got a later lunch near the store, and after lunch we parted ways...him to run some errands, me to run some errands of my own, including a trip to the baking store to buy some cupcake containers for the Margarita Cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo.

While inside, something ended up catching my eye, and I came across some chocolate-covered Oreo molds.  They looked like regular chocolate-making molds, but instead had deep circular wells with little designs at the bottom. And one of them had onesies!  It was a sign, since a good friend of mine had recently told me she was expecting. So I picked up the mold and figured I'd end up putting it to good use to make treats or favors for her baby shower (it's going to become part of a long standing tradition of me baking for her life events, like her bridal shower, bachelorette party, her WEDDING cupcakes, her first anniversary, her 30th birthday (these AND these)...and several other birthdays...but I digress).

But the other day she found out she's having a girl!!  So when we made dinner plans with another friend on Sunday night for Monday, I came in from my Mother's Day celebration and whipped up a few of those chocolate covered Oreos with pink onsies on them to bring to dinner (I even made one for her to bring home to her husband).  * P.S. I'm totally going to spoil that little girl :). *

I think they ended up turning out adorable!  The coating of chocolate is a little thicker than I'd generally put on a hand-dipped chocolate-covered Oreo, but I love the look of the chocolate onesie on it (my other option was to hand dip Oreos in chocolate and then adhere one of these sugar onesies.  

(Of course, as is the case with all of our lives, we got busy and dinner got pushed back...but these were too cute not to share [dont worry - I already showed them to her first ;-)])

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