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Friday, August 10, 2012

30th birthday Oreo pops

Besides 3 varieties of mini cupcakes, I also made chocolate covered Oreo pops for my friend L's 30th birthday party.  As I may have mentioned before, her favorite color is pink, so when it came to making the Oreo pops, I debated making milk chocolate-covered Oreos with pink 30s versus pink-dyed white chocolate with 30s on them.  The answer was easy - both!

The 30s are made of rolled fondant.  I let it harden a little bit and then sprayed it with pink edible food spray.  Then, I let them dry again.  I affixed them to the Oreo pops when the chocolate/CandiQuik was still wet.  I also used pink nonpareils and coarse pink sugar to decorate the pops.

Just two notes - (1) I didn't use white chocolate, I used vanilla flavored CandiQuik.  (2) When coloring white chocolate or vanilla CandiQuik, make sure you use powdered food coloring.

All the yummy desserts set up!

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