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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lobster party

I love when things come together. 

What do I mean?  I guess I should backtrack:

About a week and a half ago, I wandered into my favorite baking store.  I didn't have a shopping list, I didn't have anything particular that I needed.  Their hours just make it difficult for me to get there during the week, but I got out of work on time, and decided to go.  Without needing anything in particular, I left with one item: a cookie cutter in the shape of a lobster.

A few days later, I was clicking on links from a blog that I like, and came across lobster shaped lollipops.  They were expensive, and I didn't have a need for them (although - trust me - I did decide for a brief minute that I was going to host a clambake and serve lobsters and have lobster shaped desserts...until I realized that my mom was renovating her kitchen and my Manhattan apartment has a very small kitchen and my little bubble burst).

But somewhere in the mix of all that, I decided I would look for - and ultimately order - a lobster lollipop mold.  And then I went a little crazy.....in the form of starfish, shell, and crab lollipop molds, and a variety of shell and mini crab and lobster chocolate molds.

And then I saw that a store that my family loves is having a lobster sale -- $3.99 per pound!! -- and jokingly sent my mom a message asking if she wanted to pick some up and drive them into the city, and we'd have a family lobster dinner at my apartment.  That didn't happen, but then plan is to now have grilled lobsters (my mom's kitchen was demolished earlier in the week and it's starting it's renovation now....but the grill is still working) at my parent's house this weekend.

So, now it's come together!  I made lobster shaped and nautical/beach themed desserts for that dinner.  I know it makes me weird.  And a bit OCD.  And, well, it doesn't matter, because it came together :)

P.S. The beach themed cupcakes I made a while ago would've been a great addition to the desserts, and I even have tons of leftover sugar shells (or could've used chocolate shells), but we didn't need cupcakes in addition to everything else I made.

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