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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bundt cake cookbook

One lazy day this past weekend, I stumbled into Williams Sonoma (and by lazy, I mean hectic errand-running weekend that brought me within a few feet of Williams Sonoma).  I checked out the baking tins and trays, and then meandered over to the cookbook section.  Two caught my eye.  One was a bundt cake cookbook and the other was a cookbook from a local bakery.  I wanted them both but didn't have my Williams Sonoma gift card on me, but I couldn't completely delay gratification nor did I have enough time to go back later that same day to buy them, so I bought one. 

I love that this book has a variety of different kinds of bundt cakes - mainstream, fancy....and even minis!  I think I am most excited to try the Lemon Basil one.  Partly because I'm intrigued, and partly because I think my sister will like it, and she isn't big into sweets.

Check out the book:

And I was sure to put my gift card in my wallet as soon as I got home so that next time I pass a Williams Sonoma on one of those "lazy" days, I can pick up the other one.

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