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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I am, of course, working.  Since I wanted to spend some time with my mom, I went home today to take her to lunch and spend time together.  I also brought home dessert for tomorrow - since I can't be there, at least some of my baked goods can be!

My mom and my aunt love banana cake with chocolate icing.  Though not my flavors of choice, I know that it's quite possibly their favorite.  Seeing as it's their day, I figure I should make something that I know they'll love, so I went with banana cake-chocolate icing cake pops and chocolate covered Oreo pops.

I bought some terra cotta planters, styrofoam semicircles, and fake moss at the crafts store.  I also had two different length lollipop sticks, so I made a few on each length.  I placed the styrofoam into in the planter, then arranged the cake pops and Oreo pops, and finally covered the top of the styrofoam with the fake moss.

I think the final product turned out very nicely....now hopefully they'll all enjoy the treats tomorrow!

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