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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some new ideas on the horizon

I joined pinterest. I had debated joining for a while for several reasons. First, I don't get exactly what pinterest is. I know, I know, it's a virtual pinboard. So...? I post things I like/want, places I've been to/want to visit, things I've baked/want to bake for the whole world to see? Does the world really care that I want to visit Greece, or that I made cute cake pops? But, I digress. Secondly, I didn't need another distraction or procrastination tool. But, after running it by some friends (in a Facebook post, naturally), they recommended I join. For the recipes and baking ideas, they said.  They know me so well.  One friend sent me an email invite...and now I'm on pinterest.

Why do I bring this up? Simply because they were right (and so was I). I admittedly still don't really get pinterest, but I've wasted plenty of time searching for recipes and baking ideas.  I even had some free time on vacation and found a bunch of recipes.  It doesn't help that we consumed a TON of Oreos on vacation, and despite the fact that I don't love Oreos, I still helped eat a few.  Which caused me to find a bunch of Oreo-inspired treats (ranging from homemade Oreos to Oreo icing to things baked with Oreos in them).  I also found a few cute ideas for upcoming parties.  Stay tuned :)

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