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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chocolate Elmo lollipops

For Baby J's birthday party, the one with the Elmo Smash Cake, I also made some chocolate Elmo lollipops for the kiddos (and some of the adults, too!).  I bought the red chocolate, and had some leftover black and super white chocolate from some other treats I had made (and it lasts forever! in the fridge).  I colored some white chocolate with powdered food coloring to make the orange for the noses.

(Disclaimer -- I have had these two lollipop molds for about 4 years.  My friend's husband bought them for me for their now-almost-5-year-old daughter's first birthday party in March 2011.  I do not know where he got them, but I can guarantee you that a quick little google search yields several nice options.)

The trick to making these lollipops is layering.  And patience!

I make these lollipops in 3 steps.

First, I melt the chocolate in the microwave.  30 second intervals -- especially with white chocolate, so that it doesn't burn! -- mixing in between.

I start with the black chocolate and some white chocolate in separate bowls.

Once the white chocolate is melted and smooth, I add the orange powdered food coloring in small increments mixing well, until the desired color is reached.

Then, I start with my "layering."

I use a clean tooth pick and fill in the pupils and the mouth with the black chocolate.
Then, using a paper lollipop stick, I fill in the nose.

Then I let them cool and harden.  The chocolate kinda looses some of its sheen and is a little more dull when it's try.  Then I wait a little longer, because I really don't want the colors to bleed together.

Once it's all dried and hard, I put the white on the eyes.  I dab it to avoid the black pupils spreading when I apply the white chocolate.  I also use a lollipop stick to do this, since it's a little bigger than the toothpick and the area is a little bigger and round.

Then, I let them dry again.  Like before.  With a little added time just to make sure that they're set.

Then, I spoon in the melted red chocolate.  Place a stick in each and roll it to make sure that the stick is coated/covered in chocolate.  Add more red chocolate if needed to fill the cavity of the mold.  
Tap gently on the counter a few times to release air bubbles.  I have OCD so I pop all the bubbles that have risen to the top, and then shake gently the mold so that the backs of the lollipops are flat.  

Carefully move the molds to the fridge and allow them to set, for at least 4 hours, or until hardened.

To serve, gift, or use as favors, place lollipops in a cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.  I used red because Elmo is red, but you could use any colored ribbon to coordinate with a party theme!

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