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Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby themed lollipop centerpieces

I'm so excited!  My friends B & M had a baby girl at the end of July (she missed my birthday by 3 days, but I won't hold that against her), and the baby naming ceremony is scheduled for the first weekend in October.  Don't worry, baby M hasn't been nameless for the past 2+ months!  I can't wait to meet their little princess!

So, when I left B's apartment one Saturday afternoon at the end of September, I decided to stop by my baking store to pick up some pink chocolate.  I had cleaned - but never put away - the lollipop molds from the lollipops I made for the twin boy baby shower, so they were still out on the kitchen counter.  And all I had to do was dig out the "it's a girl" mold, since "it's twins" really wouldn't suffice for this occasion...

I spoke to my friend B a few days before the naming, and asked her if I could bring anything.  She told me that it was all taken care of, but I couldn't not bring anything.  So I decided to a make a few baby-themed chocolate lollipops in pink and make a little arrangement.  I borrowed the idea from the baby twins' shower a few weeks ago, where they put the lollipops into the centerpieces:

Didn't they turn out super cute?!

The only issue is, in my haste of  getting from the city to Westchester (to get the car) to then drive to New Jersey, I never took a picture of my final masterpiece for B and M and baby M :-(  It was basically the same as the one above.  I will work on trying to find (or recreate) my masterpiece so you can all see.  In the meantime, this is what I did to make my baby girl centerpiece:

I bought dark pink, light pink, and white M&Ms at the candy store (I've seen them before at Michael's in individual color bags, and I think I've seen mixed colors, too; I bought mine at Dylan's Candy Bar -- the epitome of being a kid in a candy store!).  And then I went searching for similar vases.  I didn't find square ones, but did find some round acrylic ones and some rectangular glass ones (at one of my favorite stores, CB2.  Other places to check out would be The Container Store, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn).

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