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Monday, October 14, 2013

Ghost lollipops

I have to admit, I'm torn about Halloween.  OK, maybe not torn.  I really do like Halloween, I just don't like dressing up for Halloween.  I'm much happier hosting a little party, or staying home on my couch and giving out candy to the trick or treaters.  I just don't want to put a costume on.  And when forced to do so, I get super "creative" and dress up as a doctor (see, for years I threatened to dress up as a doctor since I was a nurse practitioner....this year may be a little more difficult, since technically I am a doctor now (just one of nursing, not an MD)).

But what I love about Halloween is the treats I can make.  There are so many fun ways of making treats festive for Halloween.  Years ago I made chocolate covered pretzels look like witches fingers, and cookies in tons of fun Halloween shapes.  So when I had gone and picked up the pink chocolate for the baby girl lollipops, I saw this little ghost chocolate lollipop mold.  It was simple, but super cute, so I stuck it in my basket, too.  It was definitely hard to delay gratification and wait till a time that was acceptable to make Halloween-themed treats!

(Though I didn't do it this time, I think it would be adorable to make these on shorter lollipop sticks and then have them as 3D decorations for cupcakes.  Maybe I'll do that soon....)

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