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Thursday, September 27, 2012


This was a week of repeats on JulieBakes.  Late last week I baked mini cupcakes for a friend's sister's 40th birthday party and she had requested red velvet and s'mores cupcakes.  Then I went home for dinner and my mom asked me to make some cookies - since she wanted to try those chewy dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips the last time I made them but didn't get the chance to, I made them this time.  So while it may appear that I haven't been busy here in the JulieBakes kitchen, I have been.....just baking up some repeats...

**of note, when I made the s'mores cupcakes this time, I made the icing using the cream of tartar as it called for.  The icing stayed soft for way longer and had a slightly better consistency.  I strongly recommend NOT leaving out the cream of tartar**

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