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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


A few exciting things:

First of all, I bought a food processor this weekend!  I guess this now means I need to make my own pie crust when I make pies from here on out.

Secondly, a few weeks ago I looked at my coffee table and realized that I had a growing stack of unread cooking magazines that I had picked up over the previous few weeks (Everyday with Rachael Ray, the Food Netowrk Magazine, Cooking Light, and Martha Stewart Living, to name a few).  I sat down with the magazines and started reading through them, punching web addresses that interested me into my web browser to look at later.  I was particularly looking for something to bake at that time and also for potential new cookie recipes to try out for the holidays.  I came across a story about something called finger limes and was intrigued.  These limes are skinnier (and appear much smaller) than regular limes, and are known for their pulp, which looks like caviar (and can range from green to pink-ish).  They are, according to the website, an Australian fruit that was recently imported to the United States.  I wanted to order the finger limes immediately, but didn't really have a use for them (other than an idea for margarita or key lime cupcakes) - and I couldn't justify ordering 25-35 finger limes for myself.  But at Thanksgiving dinner I mentioned the finger limes, and to my surprise, not only had my aunt heard of them, she was also interested in getting some.  So, with someone to share them with, I ordered them that night when I got home.  They haven't shipped yet, but I am anxiously awaiting their arrival!

I found this picture online (not on the website that I linked above) and I love that it shows the
shape of the pulp as well as the variations in color of the pulp
Lastly, I received an email from Bon Appetit today and another one from the kitchn (entitled "Homemade Gifts: Our 10 Best Sweet & Savory treats") earlier in the week with exciting new recipes for cookies, treats, and food gifts.  Then, I got a few more recipes from Martha Stewart from her favorite cookie swap recipes.  Twenty-nine recipes in all.  Plus a recipe for a gorgeous cake, but I'm not even including that.  Stay tuned for some of those recipes to make an appearance over the next few weeks...I'm pretty sure I'm going to have some of the happiest doormen in Manhattan come Christmas-time...

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